Important announcement regarding next stages of Indian National Mathematical Olympiad programme


Results for INMO 2020 have been announced.

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The questions and solutions are now updated on the website.

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Results for INMO 2020 have been announced.

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INMO2020 Provisional Scores are now available.

Common mistakes

Here are some common mistakes made by INMO contestants


Some notices have been circulated in the name of HBCSE, TIFR announcing that the INMO 2020 exam has been postponed.

This is incorrect and the notice is fake.
The INMO 2020 exam will be held on 19th January as announced.

All are advised to only refer to this website for any updates regarding the Indian Mathematical Olympiad.


Important announcement concerning INMO2019
In question number 6 of the INMO2019 held on 20th January, 2019, a hypothesis was unfortunately left out inadvertently. As a result, the problem was incomplete. A suitable resolution of the problem will be worked out in consultation with examiners and students’ efforts will be taken care of during the evaluation.
— B. Sury, National Co-ordinator.

INMO2019 Provisional Score is now available

INMO 2019 solutions