Important announcement regarding IMO 2020 (Updated on July 14, 2020)

The national Olympiad programme in Mathematics culminating in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2020 is severely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In this regard, the following decision has been taken. This announcement supersedes the previous announcement made on April 6, 2020.

A virtual IMO 2020 has been announced by the organisers of the International Mathematical Olympiad. After thoroughly scrutinizing the guidelines and regulations of the IMO organizing Committee and the constraints imposed due to the pandemic, it has been decided that HBCSE will not be in a position to implement the significantly changed modalities so as to ensure that students from India perform to their best capacity. It is also observed that any inadvertent exposure to infection, besides putting the students to great risk, may adversely affect the morale of the participants. The academic merit of such an event along with the impact of changed procedures of implementation have been a key component in arriving at this decision.

Taking into account the changed nature of the virtual IMO 2020 and all considerations including those mentioned above, it has been decided that India will not participate in the virtual IMO 2020. The decision has been approved by the competent authority.