Science Olympiad 2020-2021

Announcement regarding next stages of Science Olympiads in 2020-2021

The following announcements are made with regard to the next stages of Physics, Chemistry and Biology Olympiads. Announcements regarding Astronomy and Junior Science Olympiads are expected to be made after July 31, 2021.

It is to be noted that the pandemic situation in the country is evolving and all decisions and dates in the following may need to be revised at short notice. These decisions are taken after due deliberations at various levels and approved by the National Steering Committee on Science Olympiads, the government-appointed supervisory body for the Olympiads.

Students and parents are requested not to approach HBCSE with alternative proposals or requests to alter these decisions.

A. Online Orientation Camps:
The Orientation cum Selection Camps (OCSCs) in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for the year 2021 stand canceled in view of the severe pandemic situation in the country.
Online Orientation Camps (OCs) in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be held according to the following schedule.
Physics: May 16–20
Biology: May 22–25
Chemistry: May 27–31
No selection tests will be held during or after these camps.
All students between the ranks of 1 to 60 (both inclusive) in IOQ Part II will be invited to participate in these camps. They will also receive the INO Certificate of Merit. The lists of these students in each subject are given below.
All students maintaining a minimum of 80% attendance in the online OCs will receive a Certificate of Participation. They will also be technically eligible for selection in the Indian team (see procedure below).

B.  Participation in International Olympiads:
As of now, it is expected that Indian teams will participate in the online International Physics Olympiad (IPhO; July 17–25), International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO; July 25 – August 2), and the International Biology Olympia Challenge (IBO Challenge; July 24–28). However, the pandemic situation will be reviewed again around 15 June, and a final decision will be taken regarding participation in these events.
Participation in online IPhO, IChO and IBO Challenge will only be possible from HBCSE, Mumbai. Selected Indian team members must travel to and stay in HBCSE, Mumbai for a minimum period (specified below) for this.

C.  Selection of Indian teams:
The selection of the Indian teams for IPhO, IChO and IBO Challenge will be made on the basis of the merit lists of IOQP Part II, IOQC Part II and IOQB Part II, respectively, as per the following procedure:

(a)  The top students (five for Physics, and four each for Chemistry and Biology) in the IOQ Part II merit list will be selected provisionally for the Indian team.

(b) Any student not satisfying any of the following clauses cannot be a part of the Indian team. The vacant position will be offered to the next eligible student in the merit list, provided the rank of the student is between  1 to 60 (both inclusive).

(c) In case the number of students holding the same rank in IOQ Part II merit list is greater than the remaining number of seats available in the team, their IOQ Part I score in the respective subject will be used to break the tie. In case, this fails to break the tie, HBCSE will announce a suitable tie-breaker criterion.

(d) In case a student becomes eligible for selection in the Indian team in more than one subject (including  Mathematics), the preference of OCSC/IMOTC declared by the student during IOQ registration will be used to decide the selection. If the student goes on to participate in the IO, he/she would automatically become ineligible for selection in any other IO (including Astronomy) of 2021.

(f)  HBCSE will announce provisional teams for IPhO, IChO and IBO Challenge 2021 on June 10, 2021.

(e) A student must maintain a minimum attendance of 80% in the online OC of the respective subject. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify the student from consideration in the team selection.

(g) A selected student must submit a written undertaking to confirm agreement to the following, by June 15, 2021. In case this is not received, the next student in the merit list will be offered a seat in the team.

(i) There would be a Minimum Stay Period (MSP) at HBCSE, Mumbai for every selected student. This period will include mandatory quarantine period required under local Covid protocols. Currently these are specified as follows:

  • IPhO: July 12, 2021 to July 22, 2021   
  • IChO: July 21, 2021 to July 29, 2021
  • IBO Challenge: July 12, 2021 to July 22, 2021.

These periods may be extended or shifted by HBCSE, depending on the requirements of the individual IOs, or the pandemic situation.

 (ii) The student must reside 24 hours inside the HBCSE campus during the entire MSP. During this period, he/she will not be permitted to go out of the campus or meet his/her parents or any external person. For a part of this period between the inauguration of the IO and the last exam, the student will need to surrender all his/her electronic and communication devices (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.), and shall be without any electronic connectivity, as per the usual regulations of the IOs. No exception to these conditions will be made, except in a medical emergency.

(iii) No accommodation will be provided by HBCSE to any accompanying person.

(iv) The date of the first board examination of the student must not be earlier than 1 day after the end date of the MSP. The date of the last board examination of the student must not be later than 1 day prior to the start date of the MSP. The student must provide documentary proof of this (copy of his/her admit card for board examination and an authentic copy of the board examination schedule).

(v) The student must not be appearing in any competitive or other examination during the period of MSP. Information about any examination that the student is appearing in between July 1 and July 31 must be voluntarily disclosed by the student.

(vi)  The student must satisfy all Covid-related requirements stipulated by the central and local government and the international Olympiad body. These may include but is not limited to, recent negative Covid tests, mandatory quarantine periods, vaccination, etc.

(vii)  HBCSE shall reserve the right to remove a student from the team due to concerns of health and possible clash of examination schedules of the IO and other examinations that the student is participating in.

(h) Medical assistance:

(i) Non-Covid cases: HBCSE expects to arrange adequate medical care; this will be confirmed closer to the date.

(ii) Covid cases: Prevailing norms of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will be followed and medical help will be sought through the war rooms set up by BMC for this purpose. Covid norms of BMC will be adhered to.

(i) The Indian teams will be finalised at least 7 days prior to the start of the respective IOs, or the registration deadline of the IOs, whichever is earlier

List of students invited to participate in online Orientation Camps 

These lists are arranged according to rank in IOQ Part II in each subject. If there are n (n>1) students occupying the same rank, the next (n-1) rank is skipped. These students will receive further details about the online OCs by May 12, 2021. There is no need to contact HBCSE before that. No rank will be published below 60 in each subject.

Biology   Chemistry    Physics
IOQ Roll Number Rank in IOQB Part II IOQ Roll Number Rank in IOQC Part II IOQ Roll Number Rank in IOQP Part II
DL00-0111-144213 1 DL01-1110-102619 1 MH00-1110-151773 1
DL00-0111-144094 2 GJ09-1110-109673 2 RJ00-1110-145104 2
RJ00-1111-145152 3 HR01-1110-122922 3 AP00-1110-153031 3
RJ00-0011-149496 4 GJ09-2111-109395 4 GJ09-1110-109579 4
MH00-0111-152006 5 TS00-1110-155123 4 HR01-2110-123040 4
HR00-0111-144192 6 AP00-0110-153152 6 TS00-1110-155126 6
RJ00-0011-151144 7 RJ00-1110-145104 7 HR01-1110-122922 7
WB00-0101-150082 8 MH00-0110-152122 8 AP00-1110-152997 7
DL00-0011-146473 8 RJ00-1110-145056 8 PB04-1110-103796 7
DL00-0111-147098 10 KA00-1110-153523 10 RJ10-1110-136076 7
DL00-0111-147839 11 PB00-1110-143736 11 MH07-1110-138509 7
TN29-1111-132517 12 DL01-1111-102669 12 DL01-1110-102341 12
KA00-0011-154089 13 GJ00-1110-150526 12 AP00-1110-153030 13
RJ00-0001-147464 14 TN00-1110-153645 14 OD00-0110-149338 14
MH08-0001-137844 15 MH00-1110-151773 15 MH00-1110-151492 15
CH00-0011-143874 16 MH00-1110-151492 15 GJ09-1110-109673 16
KA00-0111-153658 16 DL01-1110-102510 17 KA00-1110-153539 16
MP00-1011-146947 16 RJ00-0110-156237 17 MH00-1110-151547 16
OD00-0111-149351 19 KA00-1110-153521 19 RJ00-1110-145068 16
TS00-0111-155416 20 RJ00-0110-145289 20 TS26-1110-134307 16
UP00-0001-146118 20 MH07-0110-138998 21 KA27-1110-128785 16
HR00-1111-143712 22 AP00-1110-153001 21 GJ09-2111-109395 22
RJ00-0111-149051 23 MH00-0110-152551 21 UP01-1110-113178 22
DL00-0111-144126 23 WB00-1110-149730 24 AP00-1110-153028 22
DL00-0111-147859 23 HR00-1110-143733 24 DL01-1110-102619 25
DL00-0111-147863 26 OD00-0110-149338 26 RJ00-1110-151667 25
RJ00-0111-145507 26 KA00-1110-153539 26 AP00-1110-153024 25
DL00-0111-154649 28 TN29-0110-132093 26 TN00-1110-154392 28
MH00-0001-145808 29 MH00-1110-151473 26 KL28-2100-130290 28
MP00-0111-147057 30 PB04-1111-103704 26 RJ10-1110-135512 30
DL00-0111-147140 30 MH07-1110-138537 26 MH00-0110-152245 30
GJ09-2111-109395 32 MH00-1110-151547 32 MH00-0110-152122 32
CG12-0001-105026 33 TN00-1110-154392 32 PB04-2110-103556 32
MH00-0001-156475 34 DL00-1110-156165 32 MP11-1110-134698 34
DL00-0011-156298 35 TN00-1110-154404 32 TN00-1110-154449 34
AP00-0111-153301 36 TS26-1110-133810 32 RJ00-0110-145329 34
DL00-1111-143959 37 UP01-1110-113178 37 TS00-1110-155141 34
GJ00-0111-150755 38 MH00-1110-151493 37 DL01-1111-102669 38
MH00-0111-145262 38 CH04-1110-104747 37 MP00-1110-146977 38
DL00-0111-150937 40 TS00-1110-155126 40 GJ09-2110-109201 38
KA00-0111-153917 40 UP00-0110-148423 40 KA27-1110-128184 38
RJ00-0011-145719 42 CG00-1110-148753 40 WB00-1110-149642 38
DL00-0111-150780 43 CH00-1110-143741 40 MH07-1100-141127 38
DL01-0111-122841 43 HR00-1110-143942 40 GJ00-1110-150526 44
MH00-0111-152664 45 MH00-0010-152873 40 KA00-1110-153521 44
MP00-0111-147186 45 GJ09-1110-109579 46 MH07-0110-138998 44
KA27-0111-128134 47 MH08-1110-139446 46 AP00-1110-152998 44
GJ00-0011-151094 48 MH07-1110-138519 46 TS00-1110-155224 44
MH00-0001-156477 48 MH00-0110-152266 46 WB00-0110-149989 49
WB16-0001-107649 50 AP00-1110-152997 50 CG00-0110-148807 49
UP00-0111-146179 50 AP00-1110-153030 50 PB04-1110-103702 49
KA27-2101-128218 52 AP00-1110-153028 50 MP00-0100-147249 49
OD00-0001-149583 53 DL00-0110-156186 50 TS00-1110-155152 49
DL00-0111-146592 54 MH00-1110-151478 50 MH00-1110-151493 54
KA00-0011-154093 54 AP00-1110-153002 55 UP01-0110-110309 54
MH00-0011-152766 56 TS26-2110-133821 55 AP00-1110-152999 54
RJ00-0111-145246 57 DL00-1110-147947 55 TS26-1110-133851 54
MP00-0111-146342 58 MH00-1110-151787 55 TS00-1110-155366 54
RJ00-1111-145149 59 RJ00-0110-144296 55 RJ00-2110-146656 54
CG00-0001-148928 60 DL00-0111-144094 60 DL00-1110-143988 54
TS00-0111-155597 60 UP01-0110-110309 60  
  AP00-1110-153032 60
CH04-1110-104757 60
RJ00-1110-145074 60

Final marks of IOQ Part II examinations (only for those selected for evaluation through IOQ Part I) are now available. Students may check their marks and download the performance card from here.

IOQ Question papers and frozen Solutions

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