Indian National Olympiad (INO) – 2018

INO Question Papers and Solutions

Subject Question Paper Final Solutions
Astronomy Question Paper Solutions
Biology Question Paper Solutions
Chemistry Question Paper Solutions
Junior Science Question Paper Solutions
Physics Question Paper Solutions

Students can check their INO scores from INO website.


 1 Final Solutions on the HBCSE website February 14
 2 Scores available on INO website February 14
 3 Reevaluation request (through INO website) February 14 – 21
 4 Final Scores, Certificate and OCSC list February 28

Schedule OCSC 2018:

Astronomy Sr.: April 24 to May 11

Biology: June 1 to June 10

Chemistry: May 22 to June 2

Junior Science: May 10 to May 27

Physics: May 23 to June 5

Mathematics: April 19 to May 16

*If you are taking any examination during OCSC camp dates, kindly select Mumbai as your centre. We will try to accommodate your exam schedule as far as possible.



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