URGENT: Regarding clash of INO 2023 and JEE Main 2023 examinations

In case your INO 2023 dates clash with your allocated JEE Main examination date, you may send a request to NTA for an alternative date for JEE Main by filling up the form below.


Please submit this form on or before 12 noon, Friday, January 20, 2023. No request received in any other form (email/phone etc.) or beyond this deadline can be considered.

HBCSE has agreed to forward such requests collectively to the NTA, which has offered to look into it. However, we have no information about the time taken by NTA to process these requests and the eventual outcome. HBCSE has no role in this matter other than forwarding your request to NTA.

Please note that the INO dates will not be changed, irrespective of the outcome of your request to NTA.

Please do not call or email HBCSE about this matter since we cannot provide any further information and assistance regarding this. The deadline for submission of this form cannot be extended.