Important announcement regarding INO 2023

The second stage examinations of Science Olympiads, the Indian National Olympiads (INO) in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Junior Science will be held on January 28 and 29, 2023.

Registration for INO will begin on 6 January 2023.

Please note that the national Olympiad examinations are linked to the international Olympiad calendar that cannot be altered.  In order to ensure that the multiple stages of selection and training of the Indian teams to the Olympiads in multiple subjects proceed smoothly, the Olympiad calendar of exams and camps is already very tight. Various administrative processes like registration of teams, obtaining official clearances, booking foreign travel tickets, and most importantly, obtaining visas for every member of the teams going to various countries must be completed by inflexible deadlines. Further, the dates of subsequent stages of the Olympiads are already severely constrained by the dates of multiple board examinations and national competitive examinations that the students are expected to take. The INO dates are fixed with minimum margins so as not to jeopardise national representation in any of the international Olympiads. These dates are final and cannot be changed.

HBCSE has made NTA aware of the potential clash of INO and JEE Main exams for some students on Jan 28/29. NTA is looking into the matter to find a solution.