Enrollment of Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad programme follows a five-stage procedure. To know more about this process click here  or see the brochure.

All students aspiring to participate in the international Olympiads must appear in the first stage examination, the National Standard Examination (NSE) in the respective subject. 

Candidates who have represented India in the International Olympiad on a previous occasion (IOAA, IBO, IChO, IJSO and IPhO) need not appear for the first stage NSE examination in the respective subject. Candidates who have represented India in the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) and the International Astronomy Olympiad Junior (IAO-Jr) need not appear for the 1st stage NSEP and NSEA Examinations respectively. Such candidates who thus qualify to skip the first stage NSEs should write to the National Coordinator, Science and Astronomy Olympiad (nc_olympiad @ hbcse.tifr.res.in) before 1 January, 2020, seeking permission, to directly appear for the second stage Indian National Olympiad (INO) examination.

Before enrolling for NSEs, check that you satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Enrollment for NSE:

Enrollment at student’s own school/college: A student can enrol for NSE at his/her own institution if it is a registered NSE centre (see below for registration of NSE centres). The principal would be the contact person for this purpose.

Enrollment at a different school/college: If a student’s own institution is not a registered NSE centre, it is still possible to participate in NSE by registering at a nearby centre. The list of registration centres will be available on the IAPT website: www.iapt.org.in.

Enrollment fees: Rs. 150/- per student per subject to be paid to the centre in-charge of the NSE registration centre.

All students registered from states other than the state of their School must send the scanned copy of the NSE admit card, and the school ID by email to iapt.nse@gmail.com before a stipulated date every year; otherwise, they will be disqualified.

NSE centre registration: Any state-recognised school/college is eligible to become a NSE centre with a minimum enrolment of 20 students, subject to approval by Chief Coordinator, IAPT Examinations. Online NSE centre registration on the IAPT website will be available at the time of NSE registration.


Prof. B. P. Tyagi (Chief Coordinator, IAPT Examinations) 
Dr. Anand Singh Rana (NSE Coordinator) 
Dr. V. V. Soman (NSEJS Coordinator) 
# 15, Block II, Rispana Road, DBS (PG) College Chowk, 
Dehradun 248 001 
E-mail: iapt.nse@gmail.com
Tel. No: 09632221945 (Mon-Fri: 10.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 17.00)

NSEs are the organizational responsibility of IAPT. All queries about NSEA, NSEB, NSEC, NSEJS and NSEP must be addressed to the above mentioned address.