Enrollment of Mathematical Olympiad

Please check here for procedures adopted for the 2022-23 cycle.

Click here to enrol for the IOQM2022-23 (Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics)

The information given below relates to the usual procedure of the mathematical olympiads, and may not hold for the programme in 2022-23 due to the technical reasons.

The Mathematical Olympiad programme follows a six-stage procedure. To know more about this process see the brochure.

All students aspiring to participate in the international mathematical Olympiads must appear in the first stage examination, the Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad (PRMO).

The INMO Awardees, the INMO Merit Awardees, and the candidates who have represented India in the International Olympiad on a previous occasion need not appear for the first stage and second stage – PRMO and RMO. They can directly appear for INMO the following year.

Before enrolling for PRMO, check that you satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Enrollment for PRMO

The PRMO is being conducted by Mathematics Teachers Association (India) (MTA(I)). For enrollment please visit their website: https://www.mtai.org.in/

All queries concerning PRMO may be sent to the Chief Examination Co-ordinator, MTA by email at mtaprmo@gmail.com or at the following address.

Dr. S. Muralidharan
18, Phase 4, Wood Creek County
Near Chennai Trade Center
St. Thomas Mount P.O., Chennai – 600016
Email: drsmuralidharan@gmail.com, mtaprmo@gmail.com