Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad programme follows a three-stage selection procedure. To know more about this process click here  or see the brochure.

All students aspiring to participate in the international Olympiads must appear in the first stage examination, the National Standard Examination (NSE) in the respective subject. (Students who have represented India in previous international Olympiads are eligible for exemption from the first stage on application. See the brochure for details.)

 Before enrolling for NSEs, check that you satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Enrollment for NSE:

Find out from the principal and/or the head of department whether your school/college is a registered centre. If so, enrol your name by paying the required fee. Your school/college will give you all necessary instructions pertaining to NSEs.

If your school/college is not a registered centre, visit the IAPT website: www.iapt.org.in. This website displays details of the centres which were registered last year. This may be of help to you in locating the centre nearest to you and in enrolling your name at the centre by paying the required fee.

  • Fee: Rs. 100/- per student per subject.

  • Fee is to be paid to the centre in-charge of the centre where you have enrolled your name. No direct remittance to IAPT is permissible.

  • No TA/ DA is admissible for NSE (Stage I Examination).

Please note that NSEs are the organizational responsibility of IAPT. If you have any queries about NSEA, NSEB, NSEC, NSEJS and NSEP or if you have any difficulty in getting enrolled for these examinations, you should contact the following persons:

Prof. G. Venkatesh (Chief Coordinator, IAPT Examinations)
Prof. M. K. Raghavendra (NSE Coordinator)
F11A, 1st floor, Old Physics Building,
UG Programme,
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012

Tel. No. 09632221945


For more details check brochure.

Mathematical Olympiad

The Mathematical Olympiad programme follows a four-stage selection procedure beginning with PRMO. 

Before enrolling for PRMO, check that you satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Enrollment for PRMO:

  1. The PRMO will be a machine-correctable test of 30 questions. Each question has an answer which is a number with one or two digits. Sample questions will be put up on this site for the aid of students.

  2. The PRMO exam will be organized this year by IAPT (the Indian Association of Physics Teachers), the same association that also organizes the National Standards Examination, which is the first step for participation in the International Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Junior Science olympiads. The website for PRMO is available at http://www.iapt.org.in/

  3. A link to a portal is available at the IAPT webpage where schools can register as centres; this portal will be open from May 20 to June 20, 2017. Any school with at least 5 registrations can register on the portal as a “registered centre”. However, the list of approved exam centres will be issued by IAPT. Students who register through a given school which is a registered centre may be re-assigned to another nearby exam centre.

  4. All Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and Atomic Energy Central Schools may register as registered centres regardless of the number of students.
  5. The list of registered centres will be available on the IAPT website from June 20, 2017.
  6. Students can approach one of the approved registered centres and through the centre register for the PRMO exam between June 20 and July 25, 2017 for a fee of Rs. 200. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has made its schools available as centres free of cost; for KV students there is a provision to register with payment of a fee of Rs. 100.

Important dates for PRMO 2017

Registration of Centers 20th MAY -20th JUNE 2017
Registration of Candidates 20th JUNE- 25th JULY 2017
Down loading of Admit Cards  
by the Center in-charge
1 AUG -12th AUG    2017
Date of Examination 20th AUG 2017 between 10 AM and 12.30 PM