Special selection scheme for the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) 2022

Taking cognizance of the clash of IOQM and KVPY exams to be held on 9 January 2022, it has been decided to implement a special selection scheme to allow students affected by the unfortunate clash to remain in the Mathematical Olympiad programme in case they miss the IOQM due to appearance in KVPY.

For those students registered for the IOQM who would miss the exam due to appearance at the KVPY exam, the performance in the Mathematics section of KVPY will be used to select an additional number of students, for the next stage of Mathematical Olympiad, over and above the usual selection criteria that will be applied for students appearing in IOQM.

The selection criteria are as follows:

In order to qualify for INMO 2022 from every region through KVPY a student must satisfy the following:

The student

  1. must have registered for IOQM and have a valid hall ticket, but have not taken the examination
  2. must have appeared for the KVPY SA / SX examination on the same day
  3. must have scored at least 10% in the Mathematics section of KVPY SA / SX.

For every region, a list of all such students satisfying the above conditions will be prepared. From that list

  1. The top 10 students studying in any one of the following classes: 8, 9, 10, 11 will be selected for INMO 2022.
  2. The top 2 students studying in class 12 will be selected for INMO 2022.
  3. Three girls studying in any one of the following classes: 8, 9, 10, 11 and not present in the list of top 10 students defined above in (1) will be selected for INMO 2022.

(Note: In case of a tie in the last eligible position, all students tied in that position will be selected.)

The following points are to be noted in this regard.

  1. The above selection scheme will not affect any criteria or number of students to be selected for INMO 2022 via IOQM 2021-2022 that were announced previously. This is an additional scheme of selection.
  2. In case a student appears in both IOQM and KVPY SA/SX, the selection of that student will be based purely on the performance in IOQM, and the above scheme will not be applicable to that student.
  3. Only the marks obtained by the student in the Mathematics section of KVPY SA/SX held on 9 January 2022 (as officially provided by the KVPY organisers) will be considered. Performance in other sections of KVPY or previous performances in KVPY exams will not be considered.
  4. The selection scheme announced above is an exceptional measure being taken by NBHM and HBCSE only for the selection for INMO 2022, keeping in mind the academic interests of students affected by the unfortunate clash of two examinations this year. This cannot be used as a precedent for selection in any stage of Mathematical Olympiad in subsequent years or in Olympiads of any other subject either in 2021-2022, or in subsequent years.
  5. NBHM or HBCSE reserve the right to cancel the above scheme in case of any change of circumstances surrounding IOQM 2021-2022 or KVPY 2021-2022 examinations.
  6. A student who qualifies for INMO under the above selection scheme will NOT be eligible for a certificate that is usually awarded to a student who qualifies for INMO from IOQM.

We hope this measure will help the students who are affected by the clash in the examination dates of the IOQM and KVPY