Science Olympiads 2019–20

Important announcement regarding next stages of national Olympiad programme

The national Olympiad programmes in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Junior Science and Physics culminating in international Olympiads in 2020 are severely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In this regard, the following decisions are announced.

  1. Participation in any International Olympiad in 2020 would be guided strongly by consideration of safety of the students and the mentors during their travel and stay abroad. At appropriate stages in the process, the Govt. of India (as well as the govt of the host country if necessary) will be approached for explicit clearance to proceed. Further continuation of the selection and training processes will be subject to obtaining the necessary clearances.
  2.  TENTATIVE revised schedule for OCSCs in different subjects is announced below.  This schedule is subject to change at very short notice. Students are advised NOT TO FINALISE travel plans till these dates are confirmed by HBCSE on or before May 1, 2020.
    Please note that HBCSE keeps track of various entrance examinations and academic sessions of educational institutions. While every effort will be made to enable maximum number of students to attend the OCSC, avoiding a clash with their other academic interests, it may not be possible to adjust the schedule to suit every student, especially under the current extraordinary circumstances. Students and parents are requested not to approach HBCSE with specific requests of change of dates.

    Revised tentative dates for OCSCs:

    • Astronomy : 9 to 15 July, 2020
    • Biology: The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2020 has been cancelled. Consequently, OCSC (Biology) stands cancelled. In the event that IBO 2020 is reorganised in a different format, a suitable plan of action will be announced by HBCSE.
    • Chemistry: 25 to 31 May, 2020
    • Junior Science: 16 to 26 August, 2020
    • Physics: 2 to 8 June, 2020
  3. The schedule announced above is under the assumption that conditions prevailing in the country at that time permit safe travel to Mumbai. An OCSC may be cancelled if this would not be the case.
    The schedule is also subject to the international Olympiads being held according to their original dates. In the event that an international Olympiad is cancelled, the OCSC in that subject will be cancelled as well. If the international Olympiad is postponed to a later date, the corresponding OCSC may be postponed as well, and a suitable announcement will be made in due course.
  4. Irrespective of future eventualities, all students who secured marks in INO above the OCSC cutoff marks in a subject will be awarded a Certificate of Merit by HBCSE.
  5. In the event that it is impossible to conduct an OCSC in time to select an Indian team for an international Olympiad in any subject, a suitable method of selection will be announced at an appropriate time.

INO 2020 Question Papers and Frozen Solutions

Subject Question Paper (English) Question Paper (Hindi) Solutions
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Biology QP (English) QP (Hindi) Solutions
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Physics QP (English) QP (Hindi) Solutions

Please see the information brochure for more details about Olympiad selection process.