RMO 2017

RMO Registration 2017
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We have received a number of email requests as well as phone calls pertaining to RMO registration and centre allocation. It will not be possible to reply individually to the emails or phone calls. However please read the responses to the most frequent questions asked, which are included below.

  • Question: In the RMO exam answer paper, should we write down proofs for all assumptions and concepts NOT present in school textbooks?
    • Response: The mathematics olympiad exams are talent search exams. There is no clear cut syllabus but the mathematical knowledge required is of high school level anywhere in the country. It requires an ability to reach the crux of the problem by analysis. Even if a solution is not reached, partial analysis – if it can be deemed to be possibly leading in the right direction by the evaluators – can get partial marks. On the other hand, if a problem has a particular answer, and if the student just writes the answer without any argument, almost no credit is given. The student must explain very briefly her mathematical thinking process. One may quote standard facts (say. the arithmetic mean, geometric mean, harmonic mean inequalities) without proof.
  • Question: I requested a change of RMO exam centre and the Regional Coordinator has agreed. But the list is still showing the old exam centre given to me. What should I do?
    • Response: All requests for change of RMO 2017 exam centres, which have been approved by Regional Coordinators are NOT reflected in the lists below. Candidates should appear in the exam centres as per the instructions that they have received the Regional Coordinators or consult the regional RMO website if available.
  • Question: I have not registered and the last date is over. But my name is included in the centre allocation list. Can I appear for RMO 2017?
    • Response: All candidates are strongly advised to register at https://secure.hbcse.tifr.res.in/rmo2017regn/. It has been kept open on request. If students are unable to register for valid reasons, they may appear for the RMO 2017 exam and explain the reasons to the centre in-charge (Please carry your school ID/ PRMO Admit Card / Photo ID).
  • Question: I belong to KV/JNV school. There is no list on this page. What is my RMO 2017 exam centre?
    • Response: KV/JNV students can get this information directly from their KVS/NVS or their schools. We do not have any information related to their RMO exam centres. Please DO NOT send any mails or make phone calls to HBCSE.
  • Question: Can we get a RMO exam centre close by?.
    • Response: NO requests for new RMO exam centres will be entertained due to lack of time. (We have received requests from students in Mangalore for allocation of a centre, but it will not be possible to do so due to logistical problems and lack of time.)
  • Question: My name does not appear in the qualified list/ centre-allocation list. Please look into the matter.
    • Response: The date for appeals on this matter is over and final list of candidates qualified for RMO 2017 has been announced. No further requests will be entertained. Note: For KV, JNV students no centre-allocation lists have been put up on this website.

Information about RMO exam centres for KV and JNV students can be obtained directly from KVS and NVS respectively.

Please find below the RMO 2017 exam centre to which students from each region have been allocated.

Requests for change of centres will not be entertained except in rare cases with exceptionally strong justification. All such requests should be sent to the regional coordinators, and changes will be made solely at the discretion of the regional coordinator. Please do not send such requests to any HBCSE email id. Click here for list of regional coordinators.

Andhra Pradesh
Gujarat_Daman and Diu_Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Madhya Pradesh
Maharashtra (This list incorporates centre changes for some students — indicated in blue)
North Bihar
Odisha (This information has been added)
Punjab_Haryana_Chandigarh_Himachal Pradesh
South Bihar
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
Uttarakhand (This information has been added)
West Bengal
Sikkim, Puducheri and Goa