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RMO 2013

Regional Mathematical Olympiad 2013 was on December 1, 2013 in all the regions (except for Rajasthan).  You will find below some of the question papers and some model solutions.


Question papers


There were four different question papers used in different regions for the Central RMO.  Below are these four papers and also the question paper for the Mumbai region.


CRMO 2013 Paper 1

CRMO 2013 Paper 2

CRMO 2013 Paper 3

CRMO 2013 Paper 4

RMO 2013 (Mumbai region)



Below are the solutions to the RMO papers.  Of course, there are many other ways to solve these problems and any complete correct solution to a problem will be given full credit.


Solutions to CRMO 2013 Paper 1

Solutions to CRMO 2013 Paper 2

Solutions to CRMO 2013 Paper 3

Solutions to CRMO 2013 Paper 4

Solutions to RMO 2013 (Mumbai region)

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