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Pre-RMO 2013 (Mumbai region)

Question papers

There were two different sets of question papers -- set A and set B.  The questions in set B are just a permutation of those in set A.  Below are the links to both these sets.  Please note that Questions 10, 14 and 17 in set A (Questions 7, 11 and 18 in set B) were withdrawn because of the ambiguity in the wording of the problems.  See the answer keys below for more information about these.


Pre-RMO 2013 Question Paper set A

Pre-RMO 2013 Question Paper set B


Answer keys

Answer keys to the Pre-RMO 2013 (Mumbai region) can be found in the link below.


Click here for Answer keys.



Click here for the results of Pre-RMO 2013.

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